A Scary Encounter

We’ve all experienced something scary in our lives. Sometimes it’s a spider, a snake or a mouse. Others it’s bills, health issues, scary people… You never know what the future holds and you can never be prepared for it.

I live in a village. The people here know each other very well. It’s pretty hard for anyone to do anything illegal. Though there have been many break-ins, property damage etc., but the suspects were never found and if they were, we never learned their names.

When I was a little child, around nine or ten years old, I kept hearing a lot of rumors about a black Mercedes with pitch black windows, that was going around the village, trying to kidnap children. I didn’t believe it, but still, I was pretty scared and on alert. My mom always told me to be careful, never talk to strangers, never get in a stranger’s car and never accept gifts from people I don’t know. We didn’t have cellphones back then so, if we ever got into trouble, all we could do was scream and run.

That day, I was coming back from school on my own. My dad was at work and my mom didn’t have a car. I always wanted to return home by foot. It was fun, since the school wasn’t that far from my house. On the way, I saw a black car. I didn’t know what Mercedes meant. I didn’t know where to look for that so, I just ignored it and kept walking. The car slowed down. The driver opened their window. At that moment, something was telling me to run, but my feet could only walk. I didn’t know what to do. My whole body was trembling.

He asked me for directions to a tech shop nearby. Luckily, I knew where that shop was and gave him the exact directions. He, then, asked if I could get in and help him get there. I apologized as politely as I could and started running towards my house. I didn’t scream and I never looked back, but I know he didn’t follow me. I was so shocked that I couldn’t remember the driver’s face, nor the plate number of that car.

I never saw it again. I don’t know what would have happened, if I had chosen to get in that car. Maybe I could never see my parents again. I don’t know if he was telling the truth and if he really needed help. I would never trust a stranger. As a child, I didn’t have enough strength to fight a grown-up man. As a woman, I’m still afraid of these incidents. That day will forever be in my mind. I still remember it, as if it happened yesterday.

Remember to always advise your children to stay away from danger. Remind them to trust their guts. Whenever something doesn’t feel right, it most probably isn’t. If they feel like they should run away, they should. No candies from strangers, no talking, no car rides. Mommy’s friends are not always your friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Have you ever had a scary encounter you would like to talk about? You can always drop a comment down below, or contact me via Twitter (@dkemeridou).

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