My Own Place

How long will this take?
How long should I wait?
To find that one place.
That place for me.

A place to call home.
With warmth, full of love,
with people to cherish,
a family to hug.

Where is that one place?
Where do I belong?
Who should I call home?
What can I love?

They said I would find it.
They told me to search.
They said I could take it.
I’m not supposed to break.

But others have a home.
It’s where they belong.
But others are happy.
It’s what makes them strong.

Then, what about me?
Why is it I can’t?
Am I that different?
Or is it not meant?

Just one little place.
Just one place for me.
I only wish to find it.
So I can be free.

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