Guest Blog: Poetry, Another Form of Art

I was once again invited to write a guest blog, this time for Crazy About Writing. I’m writing about poetry, how it helped me fight Writer’s Block, and I’m offering some tips and resources for the ones who want to start writing their first poem.


Poetry: Another Form of Art

“Poetry has been a part of me ever since I faced my first great difficulty in life. I was sixteen back then. That’s when I started writing poems. I found myself through poetry. It was a way for me to express my deepest thoughts and feelings.”

I always found it hard to communicate well with others, so words have always been a great help to me. Words and poems enabled me to communicate without having to speak at all. Poetry is a form of art. Writing a poem is like drawing on a blank sheet of paper. The paper is the canvas, while the words are the inks. That, and a small piece of their soul, is all one needs to craft a poem.

It took me years to write a poem I considered worth sharing. When I took the first step, people seemed to like the dark feeling my poems emanated and that made me write more and more, and more often. The process was cathartic for me. After some time, I managed to disconnect my personal feelings from my poems. I tried to imagine different people in different situations. In the end, most of them became alive in my mind and I managed to feel what they felt and share their pain.

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