Author Interview with E.J. Rose

E.J.Rose writes storybooks which take children and adults on adventures to magical lands where the colours are brighter and fantasy adventures spring to life. He’s best known for the captive characters that enthrall his readers. When not writing, E.J can be found strolling across the craggy headlands and sandy bays of the beautiful Gower beaches, taking inspiration from the stunning views and mysterious rocky coves where he quite often allows his imagination to create characters that step out as if from nowhere to lead him towards his next great adventure and your next favourite read. Writing full-time has always been on E.J’s bucket list and this is fast becoming a viable plan with the demand for his great adventures and story ideas. E.J lives in Wales with his family.


1) Have you always wanted to be a writer? Who or what inspired you to be a one?

I’ve had a vivid imagination since I was a child, but I discovered a true love for writing at around 15 years old. I suffered with panic attacks and anxiety from that age. I remember sitting at the laptop, feeling angry and depressed about the mental health issues I was experiencing. With a blank page on my screen, I just began to write all those raw feelings and frustrations down. After I had expressed it all onto the page, I realized my expression was poetic. That was the first thing that I ever wrote. I began to write other feelings down which became poems also. I found it very therapeutic for my mental health and a love for writing was born. After writing many poems, I began to write stories about magical places as an escape from my reality, these became children’s book manuscripts.


2) What, in your opinion, is the most difficult part of the writing process?

For me, it has to be the promotion aspect of writing that is most difficult. Writing a story is the fun part and editing I also like, as it’s exciting to keep improving the story to its best capability. It’s getting people to read what you have created is the hard part.


3) What is your preferred genre(s) to write? Is it different from the genre(s) you usually read?

My preferred genre to write is children’s books, they allow me to create magical places and characters. As a reader, I love all genres, especially stories that are unique and unusual.


4) What is your book about?

I currently have three books self-published on amazon;

  • Star Shadows
    A poetry book that is a collection of poetic contrasts of different shades of emotion.
  • Storytime Rhyme
    A children’s rhyming book, with all original rhymes that are each a little story of wonder.
  • Writing To Heal
    A romantic memoir-styled short story about one man’s journey back through his past, using his typed words to heal his soul.

My children’s book manuscripts are being pitched to publishers by my literary agent.


5) Do you have a favorite character (from the ones you created)? Tell us a few things about them.

I do have a favourite from one of my children’s book manuscripts but I have to keep it under wraps. I can say she’s a girl from a magical world and has lots of adventures with her flying companion


6) What does success mean to you?

Success to me is two things, one is having a positive impact on someone through my writing and two is being able to support my family with my writing.


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