Before I Go

And as my body burns to a thousand gray ashes
and my soul bids it farewell,
I pray another life waits for me ahead.
Even if I disappear from this earth, I promise
to come back and find you again.
It might take a year or ten or thousands more,
but I will surely come to you, my one and only love.

And as my memories fly away
and everything around me fades to black,
the image of your beautiful face disappears.
I know that I will forget.

My love, don’t fret, don’t cry for me, don’t mourn for long.
For what we had is meant to be, and it will be
when the sun and the moon and the stars align for us.
We will cross paths in another life.
Maybe I’ll trip, and you will catch me, or maybe
our eyes will meet and we’ll just know.
I promise you; I promise. I’ll never let you go.

Next time, we’ll be happy. Next time, I’ll be yours.
And since we already paid the price,
we might even be forgiven for sins we never committed.
And even if I don’t remember you, I know fate will be on our side.

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