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A few days ago, I was invited to write an article for The Romance Bloke about my experience with writing romance books and experimenting with multiple genres. I have to say that I am no blogger, but it was a fun experience that I’d like to share with you.


The Magic of Writing in Different Genres.

Are you thinking of writing your first book? Yes. That’s great! What genre will you choose?

Authors sometimes like to stay loyal to one genre, be it romance or horror. It is truly admirable to be able to write in one genre and still be able to pull off amazing stories. But there are also authors who choose to explore different genres, experimenting with each of them.

As you have correctly guessed, I belong to the second category. I started mainly as a romance author, but came to realize that I want to write in many genres. My books vary from paranormal romance to dark poetry for the time being, but I plan to release urban fantasy and contemporary romance stories in the future.


To read the whole article, follow this link: How to Begin Writing Your First Romance Novel
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