From Warrior to Monster

My lonely warrior
You fought so long
You carried on
Throughout the cold
So many years
You traveled far
You walked, you cried
You broke apart

My only savior
You owe so much
To those you’ve killed
In this meaningless war
How will you pay
For all you’ve done
How will you live
Again by my side

My heartless monster
You can now rest
I’ll fight this battle
With a heart in my chest
So much for honor
So much for love
Was it worth it
To become who you are



Message from the author: 
Sometimes, life can turn a warrior into a monster. Sometimes, you fight so hard to achieve your goals, your dreams, your happiness, that you forget the real meaning of life. Sometimes, you don’t have to fight. You just have to live. 

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
– Mae West

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    February 2, 2021, 11:37 pm

    This hits home. Has great metaphoric meaning as well as literal. Reminds me of one I wrote:

    The Plywood Box
    By William Bartlett

    Timid and scared, trying to be a man,
    Gripping an instrument of ending,
    Fingers tremble, but I follow the plan.
    Hands sweat, heart vibrates, mind bending,
    Door’s kicked in, and I’m the second one offending.
    Inside waits a man with his own instrument.
    He stands up straight, scared and trembling,
    But I shoot first with relentless bedevilment.

    One of my own, draped in a #pall of red, white, and blue
    Him, only saving his family, put in a plywood box
    I can only pray, God, give us devils our due.
    A man’s life for greater good, and this is what’s orthodox…

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